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A pile of large potatoes that are fresh from the ground on a field.


Frederick Hiam grows around 320 hectares of potatoes across a number of different varieties, specialising in off-the-field sales from July. Our potatoes are grown in varied soil types and are available in selected retailers and wholesale brands. We can harvest and dispatch 500 tonnes of potatoes daily during peak season and offer refrigerated storage for over 8,000 tonnes at four sites. We work closely with Garden of Elveden with whom we contract pack and they market our crop to various customers.

Parsnips in a man's hand that have been freshly pulled out of the ground on a farm.


We grow around 175 hectares of parsnips from mid-July to May, mainly for the UK and European markets. Parsnips are size-graded and packed in varying amounts from 500g pre-packs to 1-tonne jumbo bags, catering to different customer needs. We utilise hydro-cooling and cold storage before dispatch.

Bunch of carrots that have just been picked out of the ground.


Frederick Hiam provides carrots year-round, primarily sourcing from the UK and only importing when necessary. Offering standard packs of 1 kg pre-packs, 10 kg bags, and 10 kg bag in box, size-graded as per customer needs.

A bunch of red onions that are freshly pulled out of the ground on a field.


We offer red onions all year, primarily from our own crop harvested in September and stored through to May. During the off-season, we source them from a select few growers in the UK and Spain. The adaptability of red onions in both cooked and salad dishes has led to a steady increase in demand for our high-quality product over the years.

A bunch of parsnips


We cultivate brown onions from both sets and seeds, guaranteeing availability from early August through until May/June. Besides our own crop, we collaborate with a handful of select growers to supplement our production. Our storage facility enables effective conditioning and storage in ambient bulk, cold store bulk, and long-term box storage.

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