We are a farming business at our core, with an ambition to become a leading innovative and sustainable enterprise that sets the industry standard.

To work towards this, we are taking steps such as developing a new and sustainable crop rotation that incorporates regenerative practices to improve soil health and reduce reliance on artificial fertilisers and agrochemical inputs. Whilst maintaining high outputs and quality that can cater to the ever-increasing demands of a fragile food supply chain.

Additionally, we are investing in our team at all levels to ensure that they are best-in-class and have a sense of pride and ownership in driving the business forward. We are also implementing an investment program that accelerates the company’s ability to take advantage of the many opportunities on the horizon. In addition, Frederick Hiam is seeking collaborative opportunities to maximise the existing assets of the business and create a more resilient and scalable future.

We have adopted cutting-edge technology such as on-farm robotics and data-driven decision-making to stay at the forefront of new technologies and practices.

Farm machinery working on a field at sunset.
Farm machinery on the field, with blue skies.


The farm is comprised of around 680 hectares of land, of which around 480 is farmed. This is set upon a mixture of soil types from heavy clay through to lighter sandy loams. The rotation is predominately centred around arable cropping including wheat, barley and sugarbeet. Benefiting from a good irrigation infrastructure covering the lighter soils which allows for the growing of potatoes and onions where appropriate. A significant area of the farm is set aside for conservation and wildlife habitats. This has an extensive Mid-Tier agreement covering both grassland and arable land. The Farm was the winner of the East Anglian Grey Partridge Trophy in 2016.


Brandon Fields Estate covers 420 hectares of light sandy land, with crops including potatoes, onions, parsnips, barley, and sugar beet. This has an extensive irrigation network allowing water to be delivered to almost any part of the farm. Irrigation is crucial for quality crop production, the farm has access to both reservoir and borehole water. Early potatoes can be grown in sheltered areas, with harvest starting in early July. The Brandon site houses Frederick Hiam Foods and has extensive storage for up to 12,000 tonnes of crop.

Brick Kiln Farm hosts the company’s Accounts & Administration functions, and there are 315 hectares of woodland and ESA grassland edging Thetford Forest.

Farm machinery working on a farm, with green trees surrounding the area and blue skies.
A tractor on a farm in the day with blue skies.


Hill Farm at Tuddenham is the centre of operations for approximately 1200 hectares of owned, rented and contract farmed land. The land is serviced with a modern, well-equipped irrigation infrastructure allowing the growing of high value root crops across the majority of the farm. We grow the full range of crops in this area, although the main production centres around potatoes, onions and parsnips – with cereal and AD maize used to provide an 8-year rotation. The farm is equipped with modern potato and onion storage facilities.


In October 2023 we took on a farm business tenancy on WO&PO Jolly’s land at Roudham, Norfolk. The farm comprises around 550 hectares of light, sandy land. This presents an exciting opportunity for the business allowing the expansion of our current vegetable growing enterprise, whilst also taking on the growing of some more specialist crops including echallion onions. Aside from vegetable growing the rotation will comprise of sugar beet, forage maize, AD rye, and pigs. This allows us to keep a wide rotation between the root crops which helps to maintain good soil health. The farm will also be entering into a new Mid-Tier agreement commencing in January 2024.

A close-up of brown onions piled on top of each other.
Sprouting crops growing in a field.


Frederick Hiam Ltd provides a comprehensive range of agricultural contract services. Our offer spans from an all-inclusive contract farming agreement, fostering a shared risk and reward agreement between the landlord and contractor, to a versatile farm business tenancy option. Beyond these, we also provide bespoke contract services with a specialisation in field vegetable crops. Our expertise covers the entire process, from seed to sale, ensuring quality and efficiency at every stage.

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